The fine art of Consultative Selling

Fractional SVP Program

Now you can hire a real VP of Sales for only a fraction of the cost

Our Fractional SVP Program gives small to mid-sized businesses access to a level of expertise and growth previously available only to large corporations.
NOW At a fraction of the cost

Digital Agencies: Frustrated by lack of sales growth?

  • Not sure how to pull together an effective, high-producing in-house sales team — especially from a distance?
  • Wish you could Increase client conversions by 20% – 50% or more?
  • Would you like to scale your sales department today, but don’t know where to start? 
  • Wish you could hire a real VP of Sales, but can’t afford the $150k to $250k annual price tag? 

You’re not alone

Most small to mid-sized businesses lack the financial (and human) resources that larger, enterprise-level companies have at their disposal. 
Successful agency revenue growth requires experienced sales management and a well-trained sales team — driven by real leadership, careful guidance and proactive consultative sales training from seasoned sales leaders with a proven history of building and developing successful “high-value, high-ticket” sales departments. 
Our FractionalSVP program provides that important leadership with ongoing access to an actual VP of Sales who has decades of successful sales management experience — and who can deliver all the tools necessary to substantially accelerate revenue and grow your agency to its full potential. 

More affordable than you think

I help digital agencies achieve rapid sales growth by effectively onboarding, training and working shoulder-to-shoulder with your Sales Reps and Account Execs on a part-time (“fractional”) basis. As committed partner in your sales strategy, I teach every team member how to successfully engage buyers,  deliver compelling competitive proposals, increase conversion rates, expand client acquisition and grow significant revenue.
By implementing successful winning sales management processes and operational strategies, you’ll close more deals, win more projects, and build longterm client relationships that continue to generate profit — month after month, year after year.
I collaborate with CEOs, company owners, sales managers, and every individual on your sales team, and I personally guide often-complicated contract negotiations to close the largest, most rewarding projects. 


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